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Coronavirus Situation

Posted 17th November 2021:

We are experiencing another surge in Covid-19 and its Delta Variant with a high level of infection in the community.  Vaccines protect us against serious illness but may not prevent us picking up the virus and passing it on to others.  We must continue to observe public health advice.

  • Wash your hands frequently.  Ensure good ventilation in your home.
  • Curtail your social activity in the coming weeks.  Try to avoid large crowds.
  • Use hand sanitiser in the Church.  Do not shake hands but give a ‘wave of peace’ instead.
  • Wear a face mask, to cover your nose and mouth, both inside and around the Church.
  • Maintain social distance of 2 metres from other persons at all times and in all directions.
  • When approaching the Altar for Holy Communion and returning to your seat, take your time.  Hold back from the person in front of you.  Adjacent groups will be served separately.

Note added on 23rd June:

As the country is gradually emerging from the pandemic and its associated restrictions on our lives, we are happy to be able to welcome parishioners back to Mass and we trust that we can proceed safely over the coming months.  We know that, while the vaccination programme here has brought much improvement in the situation, it is not so in other countries and we must still be very careful with social gatherings so as to avoid a resurgence of the coronavirus and its variants.

We are leaving these pages in place for the time being as some of the information may still be relevant, especially to those who remain housebound.

Posted 11th November 2020:

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues at a serious level and the country moves in and out of necessary restrictions under the National Framework for Living with Covid-19, our priests continue to celebrate Mass at the usual times in our Parish Church.  Each Mass is streamed live on the webcam which may be accessed from the homepage of the parish website.

We will keep you informed of developments, as best we can, through this section of the Parish Website.  Please see the sub-headings on the Menu Panel opposite.


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