Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Ennis Road, Limerick
Welcome to Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Diocese of Limerick


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Sacrament of Baptism

The Sacrament of Baptism is available once again on a controlled basis.  We can take one family at a time but attendance must be limited to six persons.  Please contact Fr. Des McAuliffe, Fr. Tom Ryan or Margaret Clifford, to make arrangements.  The times are on Saturdays at 5:00 pm and on Sundays at 12:15 pm.

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Holy Week Reflection

We hope that parishioners will be able to participate in our ceremonies through the online presentations.  Usually, people have a booklet to take home but not this year.  For those who wish to reflect on the events of Holy Week, we will publish the introductory narratives, from Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Saturday, under Events, after each ceremony.

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Easter Dues & Clerk’s Collection

Once again, it is going to be difficult to distribute the collection envelopes to parishioners.  They are now available in the Church, organised by area, some with the name of the usual distributor attached, some without.  If you are able to deliver a batch in your home area, your help is much appreciated.

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Parish Webcam

We continue to stream Mass at the usual times, daily and weekend, from the Parish Webcam.  Funeral Masses are streamed live but recordings, when required, must be booked in advance.

For advice on technical issues and information on online services, click the Our Parish menu and go to Internet Service & Webcam.

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Continuing with Covid-19 Restrictions

With the coronavirus now very serious in its third wave, Level 5 restrictions continue for January 2021.  We cannot have a congregation in Church for Mass until further notice.  Attendance at Funerals and Weddings is severely limited.

Information on Parish and Community supports and a Prayer for Spiritual Communion, are available from the Homepage.  Look under ‘Our Parish’ and the heading ‘Coronavirus Situation’.

Guidance on the Webcam Service, on Reception Issues and on Internet Usage, may be accessed from the

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Once More into Level 5 Restrictions

With the Covid-19 coronavirus into its third wave, the government has ordered Level 5 restrictions from St. Stephen’s Day, in an effort to curb the rate of infection.  This means that, after the special ceremonies of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we cannot have a congregation in Church for Mass until further notice.  Attendance at Funerals and Weddings will also be severely limited.

Information on services from Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, on other Community Supports and a Prayer