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Streaming Mass & Data Charges

As many of you are streaming Mass from Our Lady of the Rosary Church, this is a warning to ensure that you do not incur extra cost in the form of data charges.

People are using a variety of devices – computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones – to access the Internet.  If you are connected to a Wi-Fi service, then you probably have a data allowance which is unlimited or at least very large.  If you are using mobile data from your mobile phone operator, you should check the allowance on your bill-pay or pre-pay plan.  It may be limited to a certain amount of data per month or it may be unlimited for a certain number of days.

The danger is that if you exceed your data usage allowance then charges can be quite high.

Streaming video uses a lot of data, much more than web browsing or streaming music.  A 40 minute Mass, for example, might use 120 megabytes of data.  If you are doing that every day and paying a cost per megabyte, it will soon add up to a nasty surprise.

Make sure you are on Wi-Fi, if at all possible.  Otherwise, make sure to stay within your mobile data allowance.  Don’t let unexpected charges spoil your experience of streaming Mass from our Church.


Remember, the webcam link is on our Homepage.

Our streaming service is provided by Church Tv.  They may be found at www.churchtv.ie.  They have us listed at Ennis rd., Limerick.  They also stream from Galway Cathedral and Knock Shrine.

Church Services tv is another provider.  They may be found at www.churchservices.tv.  They stream from St. John’s Cathedral, Mount St. Alphonsus and Glenstal Abbey.


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