Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Ennis Road, Limerick
Welcome to Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Diocese of Limerick

Parish Consultations

The consultation process in Our Lady of the Rosary Parish took the form of group meetings, informal discussions and survey questionnaires, as listed below.  Conducted between March and May of 2015, it was a very significant process of listening and discernment.

Views were freely presented in lively discussions and people were generally encouraged by an evident desire to chart a future in which our Church is relevant, vibrant and supportive in an atmosphere of faith, hope and love.

  • Eucharistic Ministers met on 10 March & 15 April
  • The Charismatic Prayer Group met on 13 March
  • Ministers of the Word held discussions on 18 March
  • The Parish Liturgy Group had a meeting on 26 March
  • Pastoral Council & Smaller Groups on 13 April
  • Lansdowne Active Retirement on 14 April
  • Active Retirement Group on 16 April
  • Focus Groups of Young Mothers & of College Lecturers
  • Focus Groups in Second-Level Schools & of Teenagers
  • Neighbourhood Meetings in a number of our Homes
  • Questionnaires distributed at Weekend Masses in April.

Our six delegates and our two priests were gratified and encouraged by the fact that so many parishioners participated in the discernment process.  From that experience, we were well equipped to represent the views of parishioners at further meetings and in the Synod itself.

The themes, which were selected for consideration  at the Synod, constituted a good reflection of the issues raised in our own discussions in Our Lady of the Rosary Parish.

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