Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Ennis Road, Limerick
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Church Hearing Loop

We have a Hearing Loop System installed in the Parish Church to enhance the quality of the spoken word from the altar, throughout the church, for parishioners who wear hearing aids.  All you have to do is switch your hearing aid to the T-coil position.

This was installed some years ago to ensure that all parishioners would be able to hear clearly the words of the Mass, prayers, sermons and music.  Just use the T-coil setting on your hearing aid.

No more frustration at missing much of what’s being said or only hearing a distorted version of events.  Hearing Loop is considered to be the best solution to facilitate parishioners with hearing difficulties.  Just amplifying the sound would not necessarily make it more understandable but it could make it too loud for everyone else.  With the Hearing Loop System, words and music from the altar are broadcast through the system directly to your hearing aid.  This enhances sound quality for each individual user and makes it independent of surrounding noise.

You will also find that Hearing Loops are in place in other churches and in many public offices.  This symbol is normally used to indicate that a Loop System is installed and to remind you to switch to the T-setting.