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Easter Saturday Liturgy

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Date(s) - 3 Apr 2021 until 6 Apr 2021
9:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Welcome to each and everyone who will take part in this Liturgy  this  evening.

Just a little reminder – each of us needs a candle which we will light twice during our Service. We also need a bottle of water which will be blessed. Then we will have Holy Water in our homes.

On Thursday we began a celebration which has lasted three days.

On Thursday the emphasis was on the Eucharist.

Yesterday, Good Friday, the Cross was the centre of our celebration.

This evening the foundation of our celebration is the word of God..


There are four parts to our celebration. While there will be no visible participation by a congregation in the various parts, we will have each element in a limited way and each of us is invited to take part as best we can.

The four parts are

The Service if LIGHT.

The Liturgy of the  WORD.

The Liturgy  of   BAPTISM.

The Liturgy of the Eucharist


We will not light a fire outside this evening. Traditionally, we placed the CLOTH of  SUFFERING  in that fire. We pause now and give our sufferings into the Hands of our loving God. We trust Him to care for them.

Now our Candle will be lit. Please light your Easter Candle while our Paschal Candle is being brought into the Sanctuary. We welcome the Light of Christ into our lives.

After the Exultet – We extinguish our candles carefully


We come to the Word of God. We have three Readings. If you have a Missal or a Booklet, we will read the 1st, the 3rd and the 5th Readings.

Just a word about the Word of God

The First Reading is an extract from the Book of Genesis and it tells the story of the beautiful world God created. “ God saw that it was good.” The Reading is followed by a Psalm that asks God to renew the face of the earth.

The second Reading that we listen to is from the Book of Exodus and it tells the story of the escape of the Israelites from their slavery.

In the Third Reading that we use we have an invitation from the Lord to Isaiah and to each of us to listen to His word to us. What word does the Lord speak to you this evening?  We listen, knowing that He will speak to us individually.

( After the Third Reading…)

At this point we normally set the Altar for the celebration. There is a change of mood in our Liturgy of the Word. The message of the Resurrection is being spoken. Because of our Baptism,   “ we too must consider ourselves dead to sin and alive for God in Christ Jesus.”


After the Homily… Now we come to the Liturgy of Baptism.

The Death and Resurrection of Jesus become real for us when we accept Him personally into our lives. This was done for us in Baptism. We now do it for ourselves as we renew our Baptismal Promises.

This replaces the Creed

Now once again we light our candles. Hold your bottle of water. It will be blessed at this time

(  After the blessing with Holy Water, )

We now extinguish our Candles

We now continue with the Offertory of our Mass.