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Pastoral Council AGM

2022-June-08:  The Annual General Meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council took place on 10 May 2022.  It was the first time since 2019 that the AGM could be held.  After the years of Covid, with lockdowns and restricted openings, it was a special occasion for all.  Please read our page under Groups – Parish Groups for a short report.

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Hospitality on Wednesday

2022-June-01:  The Hospitality Group has been pleased to resume service of tea, coffee and biscuits after the 10:oo am Mass on Wednesday mornings.  The last session for the time being will take place on Wednesday next, 8th June.  After the summer break, we will get together again in September, DV.

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Issue with Streaming Service

2022-May-31:  We are pleased to advise that normal service has been restored.

2022-May-30:  We are aware of an issue with the streaming service in that the live broadcast is not coming through the window frame on our webcam page at this time.  Our technical support people are currently working to solve this problem.  Please note that the live stream may still be accessed through the direct link which we have placed underneath the webcam window frame.

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AGM 2022 Parish Pastoral Council

The Annual General Meeting will take place in the Parish Centre on Tuesday 10th May at 8:00 pm.  Since it has not been possible to hold these meetings since 2019, Fr. McAuliffe has issued a special appeal for parishioners to come along.  This is your opportunity to voice concerns for the future and to express ideas for parish development.  In particular, we need to hear from people who can give some time to help with the essential running of

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Benemerenti Medal

For his faithfulness to the Church and voluntary service in the Parish over many years, Gerry Higgins was presented with the Papal Award, known as the Benemerenti Medal, by Fr. Des McAuliffe, PP, at the end of the 11:30 am Mass on Sunday 1st May 2022.  Gerry’s wife, Mary Alice, received a bouquet of flowers and their family gathered to celebrate the occasion.

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Eucharistic Ministers – Past & Present

2022-Apr-23:  Since the introduction of Eucharistic Ministers in the parish, some 30 years ago, many parishioners have served for a time and then retired.  We are quite short-handed at the moment with only 16 active ministers for the weekend Masses.  Have you previously served as a Eucharistic Minister?  Would you be willing to serve again?  If so, we would really like to hear from you especially now as people will be taking holidays over summer.

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Health & Safety in our Church

We are expecting greater numbers to attend the Easter Ceremonies and we are very aware that, while pandemic restrictions have been replaced with personal responsibility, Covid has not gone away.  The Omicron variant is easily passed in company, especially indoors, and it is still spreading in the community.  While many report a mild infection, it can be quite serious for some.  We are, by and large, an elderly parish and we must continue to protect each other.

So, please, …