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Parish Radio System

In the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary, we are particularly conscious of the fact that a number of parishioners are frequently unable to come to the church for Mass and other services.  We feel that being housebound should not deprive them of participation in the prayerful activities of the community.

For this reason, we have a radio system in operation in the parish for the transmission and reception of Weekend Mass, Daily Mass and Recitation of the Rosary.

The radio system is in place since 2001 and it is licensed for operation by ComReg (the statutory Commission for Communications Regulation in Ireland).  It is restricted to being a real-time, non-commercial, service and it cannot be picked up through a standard radio.

A specific waveband has been allocated for transmissions and a special receiver is required.  If you wish to avail of the service or simply to find out more about it, you are invited to make contact with us by sending a message through the Sacristy.

Then, either John Dolan or one of his colleagues, will be pleased to visit you and to explain what is involved in getting access to the radio system.