Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Ennis Road, Limerick
Welcome to Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Diocese of Limerick
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Liturgy Group

The Liturgy Group was established in the parish in 1996. Its main focus is to work with the priests in planning and preparing the celebration of Mass and other liturgical services. It aims to ensure the involvement of the parish community, not only in the special events associated with the major seasons of the liturgical year, but in all parish ceremonies.

In liturgy and ritual, we gather together as one community and we are united in the expression of faith.

We pray, we sing, we give thanks to God for our lives and for the wonders of His creation. With familiar routines, well-known words and collective practices, we share our joys and sorrows in a meaningful experience. By our involvement in a liturgical ceremony of praise and worship, we are refreshed in mind and nourished in spirit.

In Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, we want to ensure that all of our liturgies are meaningful community events.  Whether at a weekly experience of Mass or an intimate family occasion or at one of the special ceremonies for Christmas, Easter or Feast Days, participants should be uplifted and encouraged by the collective expression of faith. It is important to us that parishioners and visitors will feel welcome in our church and included in our services.

If you would like to join the Liturgy Group, which meets once a month in the Parish Centre, please contact Maud Ryan, who is the current Chairperson, or one of our priests.  If there’s something you would like to add to a particular ceremony or if you have a suggestion for the enhancement of our work generally, please leave a note for the Liturgy Group in the Parish Office.